Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit—Fast. Safe. Easy.

No more standing in lines. No more rushing to the credit union on a Friday afternoon to deposit your check. With Direct Deposit, your salary (paycheck) or payment (social security, pension, etc.) will deposit directly into your account and be available to you when your credit union opens for business on the payment date.


Your Employer

You may authorize your employer to send your entire paycheck directly to the credit union for deposit to your account. To sign up for direct deposit, please fill out the Direct Deposit Form and submit it to your payroll or human resource office, or call STAR at (530) 895-1947 for more information.


Enroll for Direct Deposit of Government Payments

Everyone receiving a federal benefit must use direct deposit. If you are still receiving Social Security checks, STAR or a local or regional Social Security office easily can switch you to direct deposit.

To enroll in direct deposit of your Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or other federal benefits, you must have a checking or savings account.

There are Three Ways to Enroll in Direct Deposit for Government Payments

  1. Online: Visit, a website provided by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and sign up via their secure system.
  2. By phone: Call the Go Direct helpline at (800) 333-1795 (English) or (800) 333-1792 (Spanish), available M–F, 8AM–8PM EST. Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes.
  3. By mail: Visit, a website provided by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, to download and print the quick and easy Form 1199a to enroll in direct deposit.


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