Holiday Club

Start saving early for something special!

STAR’s Holiday Club Savings is designed to help you save for a special event or need, such as Christmas, a vacation or taxes.

  • No minimum opening balance is required and there is no monthly fee
  • Make regular, automatic deposits into the account. Payroll deductions can be sent directly to your Holiday Club Savings
  • Dividends are compounded and paid annually on November 1st each year
  • No partial withdrawals may be made.  If a withdrawal is made, then the entire balance must be withdrawn and the account is closed
  • Holiday Club transfers are disbursed to the members share draft accounts before November 15th of each year.  If the member does not have a share draft account the funds will be disbursed to their regular share account
  • Holiday Club funds will only be disbursed as a check with the members request
  • Star Community Credit Union Holiday Club accounts may not be used as collateral for a loan, for automatic transfers of loan payments, or automatic pre-authorized debits
  • See the Savings Overview page for more information.

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