Are you Eligible?

Individuals belonging to any of the categories listed below are eligible to join STAR Community Credit Union.

  • All employees, alumni and students of CSU, Chico
  • All employees, alumni and students of Butte Community College
  • All employees of the CSU,Chico~Chico Foundation
  • All employees and alumni of any school in Butte County
  • Members of the Chico Police Officers Association (CPOA)
  • Members of the Chico Police Safety Association (CPSA)
  • Former students of any school in Butte County (need not have graduated)
  • Enloe Medical Center employees, doctors affiliated with Enloe and their employees
  • Enloe Medical Center Volunteers
  • Fraternal and other membership organizations of any group listed above
  • All retired persons and family* members of any group listed above

*STAR Family Member Eligibility entitles all relatives of members to join the credit union with access to all services, including loans. Family members do not have to otherwise qualify for membership. According to credit union bylaws, a family member "…includes any individual related by blood or marriage, or legal action (such as adoption or guardianship)." Any individual who joins the credit union as a family member is entitled to the same membership benefits available to the primary member. A family member follows the same enrollment requirements as a primary member, with a minimum opening deposit of $10 and a one-time membership fee of $2.Group of Diverse People

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding membership. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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