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What is STAR Mobile Banking?
STAR Mobile Banking is a free, easy and convenient way to access your accounts almost anywhere. Use this safe and secure service to see your account balances and activity, transfer funds and receive account alerts from your mobile device or cellular telephone.
How much does STAR Mobile Banking cost?
There is no fee to use STAR Mobile Banking. STAR will not charge you a fee when you access the mobile banking application or when you are sent an alert. However, standard wireless carrier charges apply so please make sure you understand the terms of your mobile agreement before taking advantage of these services.
What services are required on my mobile device?
All you need is a mobile carrier plan that allows for internet services / access.
Do I have to be an Online Banking customer to use STAR Mobile Banking?
Yes, Mobile Banking is a feature of our Online Banking service. You must first enroll in Online Banking by contacting your New Accounts Representative at the Credit Union. Online Banking is also a free service of STAR Community Credit Union.
Is STAR Mobile Banking secure?
Yes, STAR is dedicated to protecting your personal and account information. We use a variety of technologies, procedures and programs to ensure that all of our products and services remain safe and secure. Mobile Banking and Online Banking use secure socket layer (SSL) technology with 128 bit encryption.
Can I access my accounts via STAR Mobile Banking from any cell phone?
No. For security reasons you may only access your accounts via mobile banking from registered mobile devices. This is to ensure that the incoming Mobile Banking requests from your specific mobile device contains the security cookie which was placed on your device during the mobile banking enrollment process.
Does STAR store any confidential information on my mobile device?
No. STAR Mobile does not provide any account number, name or password information on your mobile device. The cookie which is placed in the mobile device upon enrollment is a means to identify the mobile device as the one which was registered to your account during the enrollment process.
What should I do if I lose or replace my current mobile device?
For security reasons, if your mobile device is lost, immediately contact your carrier to deactivate the service on the mobile device. You should also contact the credit union at your earliest convenience or go to your computer & log on to Online Banking and change your password.
How do the security questions I established for my Online Banking account effect the mobile device?
If your mobile device has the ability to view a PDF file (i.e. I-Phone) the process of identifying the image and the answers to the security questions you selected with your Online Banking will be the same. However, when using other mobile devices (i.e. Blackberry) which do not have the ability to view PDF files we recommend you ‘Register’ your mobile device at the time you enroll. This registration places a cookie on your device that identifies your device as one that is authorized to access your account information. The registration is valid for 90 days. At the end of each 90 day period you will be asked to re-register your device.
Can I register more than one mobile device to my account? Can I register my mobile device to more than one account?
Yes, you can register more than one mobile device to access your account and you can register your device to access more than one account. We do not recommend registering a mobile device to your account that does not belong to you.
Will my mobile device time out after a certain period of time?
Yes, after 5 minutes your connection to STAR Mobile Banking will time-out and disconnect.
What happens if I incorrectly enter my User Name or Password?
After three incorrect attempts to access your account your account will be disabled and blocked. You should contact the Credit Union to have this block removed and / or a new password assigned if you have forgotten you password. This may require you to re-register your mobile device.
Is there a Quick Link access Mobile Banking that I can save or Bookmark on my mobile device?
Yes. Use your mobile devices browser to go to: and then bookmark this address. Once you have bookmarked this address use the edit option to change the name of this bookmark to ‘STAR Mobile Banking’. If you are using an Andriod Smart phone use your phone’s browser and navigate to Once on the Credit Union’s home page press the ‘Online Banking – Login Here’ button. Bookmark the Log On page that appears. This address will be stored in your Bookmark directory. Next exit the browser and select the screen on which you would like your shortcut to appear. Find a blank area on the screen and press until the ‘Add to Home Screen’ pop up appears. Next select the ‘Shortcut’ option and the ‘Select Shortcut’ screen will pop up. Select the ‘Bookmark’ option. The Bookmarks you have saved should appear, select the ‘Online Account Access ‘Bookmark. A link to your online Account Access should appear on the screen you selected.
I can select and view more than one account using Online Banking; can I select and view more than one account using STAR Mobile Banking?
Yes, to view a different account go to the Mobile Banking Menu and select ‘Settings’ and scroll down to the ‘Account Settings’ heading and select ‘Change Current’. A listing of the various accounts which you can access will appear. Select the account that you want to view.
What changes or additional features can I expect in the near future with STAR Mobile Banking?
We expect the Main Menu and the options which appear in the Main Menu will be simplified. We are also exploring the ability to offer access to Bill Pay on STAR Mobile Banking. Currently Bill Pay is only available through Online Banking.


How do I access Mobile Banking Information?
You can access STAR Mobile Banking through the browser of your smart phone to view your account balances and activity, transfer funds and receive alerts from your mobile device or cellular telephone.


How do I enroll and register my Mobile Device for STAR Mobile Banking?
Navigate to our mobile site by placing our website address in your browser. Our mobile website will automatically display. Click on the Online Banking option. If you would like to try activating your mobile device manually scroll down and click this option. The moblile device will prompt you to pick your picture and answer your security question. Next, check the device registration box and then click continue. If your mobile device is unable to handle the necessary security steps then you will be prompted to log on to your online banking account via computer to retrieve the activation code. Once you have logged on click on Services and then Mobile Device Activation to retrieve the code to complete your activation. You must complete the activation process within 10 minutes or you will be required to start the activation process again.Once activated you will see a log on screen in which you will enter your User ID and Password to view Online Banking. 
Are there any security features that I should be aware of when I log on to STAR Mobile Banking?
Yes. If your device is capable of viewing PDF files (i.e. I-Phone) you may be asked to identify the same image and security question you selected when you established your Online Banking account. When this occurs we recommend you also select the ‘register your device’ option. If your mobile device is not capable of viewing a PDF file (i.e. Blackberry / Razor) we encourage you to select the option to ‘register your device’. Once your mobile device is registered a cookie will have been placed on your mobile device that is good for 90 days. At the end of this 90 day period you will be asked to re-register your mobile device.

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