Telephone Teller

Telephone Teller gives you the flexibility to make financial transactions from home or work with any touch-tone phone. 


Telephone Teller eliminates many of the trips you currently make to our branch.  And, it gives you more control of your account by allowing you up-to-the-minute information on all account activity.  With Telephone Teller you can confirm which checks have cleared your account, check on account balances, and transfer money between accounts, make payments on your loans or lines of credit, and much more.


Accessing Telephone Teller

To access Telephone Teller, you need to know two important numbers: your account number and your personal identification number (PIN). To select your 4-digit PIN, call any of our Member Service Representatives at 895-1947 during regular business hours. They will be able to get you started using Telephone Teller right away at no additional cost to you.



Click here to print out a Telephone Teller Brochure

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