Wire Transfers


Outgoing Wire Transfers 
The receiving institution must be contacted for specific wiring instructions before the wire transfer can be completed. The account holder assumes sole responsibility for providing correct wiring instructions. Due to the increase in wire fraud STAR Community Credit Union will only accept transfer information in person. We will no loger accept faxed in wire forms.

When requesting a wire transfer in the continental U.S., please have the following information available:

  • Your name, STAR Community Credit Union account number, Social Security number, and the amount of the withdrawal transfer
  • The full legal name of the receiving financial institution and their on-line Federal Reserve routing number (ABA number)
  • Full name and account number to which the transfer will be credited

The current wire fee is listed on the schedule of fees. Outgoing wires can be sent Monday-Friday. Instructions must be received by 1:30pm for a wire transfer to be sent that day. STAR Community Credit Union cannot guarantee same-day availability.


 Incoming Wire Transfers
The following information must be given to the sending institution:

Wire to: Catalyst Corporate FCU
ABA number: 311990511
For further credit to: STAR Community Credit Union
Account number: 321171841
For final credit to: Member Name and Account Number

Incoming International Wire Transfers

The foreign Bank must use their US Correspondent bank. 
Include ALL of the information listed under  Incoming Wire Transfers.

Incoming wires can be received Monday–Friday except Federal Holidays. Accounts are credited upon verified receipt.

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