Debit Card Fraud Monitoring

Protecting Your Money And Your Peace of Mind

At STAR Community Credit Union, safeguarding your account is an important part of our business.  We are proud to provide unparalleled card security as part of your credit union membership.

No matter how careful you are with your financial records, criminals still find ways to access your card information to make unauthorized purchases.  To combat this threat, we use the leading fraud protection service to monitor your accounts and detect suspicious activity.

How it works

  • The service has information about fraud that has occurred for other cardholders
  • The service learns your normal spending patterns
  • Based on a combination of this information, the service evaluates your transaction
    If the transaction is considered risky, a fraud specialist will contact you to verify if you authorized the transaction
  • If you confirm the transaction is legitimate, there is no impact
  • If you confirm that you did not authorize the transaction, that card is immediately blocked to stop more fraud from occurring
  • If the fraud specialist cannot reach you, a message will be left and your card may be temporarily blocked until you return the call
  • Cardholders will be asked to provide their Falcon case number when calling into the Card Member Security Department.   

How you can help

  • Protect your card and card information
  • Regularly monitor your statements for any activity that is not yours
  • If you are contacted by a fraud specialist, please return the call as soon as possible
    • If the fraud specialist calls you, you will not be asked for any personal information
    • If you call the fraud call center back, you will be asked to verify your identity
  • Make certain that the phone number you have on file with the credit union is current so you can be easily contacted if any questionable activity is detected on your account

 Remember, neither STAR nor our business partners will  call you and ask you to provide or verify your credit card, debit card or account numbers-we already have that information. If you call STAR or our buisness partners, you could be asked to verify your identity-which could include verifying account information such as the last four digits of the card or the last four of your social security number.  

Recently scammers have been calling Visa holders and asking them for their 3-digit security code (found on the back of the card). Never give your full account information, PIN or 3-digit code to anyone who calls you on the phone or contacts you by email, no matter how legitimate the request may sound.  

If you have a questions, contact our Member Service Department at (530) 895-1947.



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