Online Bill Pay

Pay your bills with a click of the mouse—any time day or night.


Stay organized. Having one online location where you review and pay your bills is like a one-stop payment center. And you can do it from anywhere—home, work, or when you're traveling. Set up automatic payments, such as a car payment or rent and view all your bills with a few clicks.  

Bill Pay OneClick is flexible and FREE service. Just click send to schedule or send payments! With Bill Pay OneClick you get features like the ability to send money to anyone using an email.  


Bill Pay OneClick Features
Make Multiple payments from one screen Pay your bills from multiple accounts
Live Chat Rush Payments-Guaranteed on time delivery! 
Email Payments-Send money to anyone with an email address and U.S. bank account. Transfer Payments-Make inter-bank fund transfers to personal accounts at other financial institutions.
Set payee and payment amount thresholds-Notifies you when the scheduled payment to a merchant is over the established amount. Payee Categorization-Organized payees by category for easier payment management
Pending Payment Calendar-This provides a month at a glance pending payment overview. Stop or change a payment from the payment calendar. eBills-You can receive an eBill from hundreds of different billers. Look for the eBill Sign Up image next to the biller name on the Bill Payer ePlus main screen.
Send a Donation payment Send a Gift payment



  • Rush Deliver: Next business day $14.95 (draft check),Second business day $9.95 (draft check),Second business day $4.95 (electronic)
  • Donation fee $1.99
  • Gift Check $2.99
  • 90-Day Inactivity Fee-If you have signed up for Bill Pay, but do not use it, a monthly $5 service charge will be applied to your account after 90 days of non-use.
  • Other fees may apply refer to the fee schedule






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